“Nothing’s Censured”

“Nothing’s Censured”

Nothing’s censured, everything’s gained they say
and choice is all there is and all that’s human.
Cycles shift as do devotion
and commitment and we are glad and sad
As fits emotion and the glory of the stars;
December’s fads
are gone by February, January’s gains illumine
What’s to come in cloistered gusts
that blight the staggered laughter of a spring’s reality.
As autumn’s indiscretions rush to judgement of the past
Occluded by the soul’s embarrassed need
to face the present last,
And yield a future’s wanton wastes
in raw October’s costs and call it natural morality.

Of course, all the world’s put right within
a pale Pink Moon’s delight and we are here tonight
And know damn well we’re gone tomorrow from the diaries of the estuary;
Dawn’s first kiss–the eternal pardon–will arrive behind the execution day,
Delayed a single hour for the sake of show and mere appearances, flights
Of angels sprinkling  spores of wonder in the newly pollinated skies. We’ve lied
Again  and while we ponder why it matters only heaven knows we tried.

5 responses to ““Nothing’s Censured”

  1. This sentence holds tremendous power for me:

    “We’ve lied
    Again and while we ponder why it matters only heaven knows we tried.”

    • …I suspect that every writer, every artist, every attempt to communicate and every movement one makes has that element of falsity, that degree of inadequacy that is the lot of the created and has nothing at all to do with the Creator such that we all go on and hope to God He knows that all our efforts are expressed and expended with the understanding that He knows Who He is and we who and what we are and in the case of the later, we only try to praise God and His Creation without the slightest chance of succeeding….

  2. Amen to that, Brother 🙂

  3. what is in fact truth and what is a lie? It seems from day to day, we are still learning facts which make them alternate. also from one day to the next, I change mind on how I feel, I write and next time I look at whats written I find I have to change a line, then another. We aren’t constant creatures to be held to a thought… a word said, or a deed, maybe it’s mood and outside influences. xx

    • When I was teaching, in every class I taught for forty-two years, I began somewhere in the first or second or third class session whatever we were about to study for the year by writing the verb “to consider” on the board and having everyone look up that word. The particular definition that was relevant to what I was doing was, “to allow to be true for the moment.” I see the idea and purpose, not to mention the usefulness, of always keeping in mind that whatever I taught might have the denotation of “fact” but that it was only for the purposes of discussion and interaction with whatever knowledge and experience has already denigrated the lesser degree implied in the word “supposition” or “presupposition” but for the sake of presentation and discussion, students were to avoid rejection on the basis of the idea that facts are not absolute but relative and/or temporarily acceptable. I was not asking any of my students to think of whatever was taught in class as “final” and “absolute,” but rather instrumental in getting on with expressing a body of knowledge for the sake of exposure to this same knowledge, nothing more, nothing less. I assume your name is “Lady Pen,” but know that it is merely a facilitating factor that reduces any confusion on that score to nothing insofar as it is understood that it may be right or wrong but is irrelevant to whatever the message I send to you. Of course, anyone can fixate on the absolute rejection of any fact as a fiction, or at best, an accepted lie concerning the universe and its inhabitants, but it would be counterproductive to do so.

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