“So Let Me Get This Straight”

“So Let Me Get This Straight”

So let me get this straight…you say you love
The girl, you meet her almost every day;
She never stops to think; she’s little more to say
Than sweeping comments here and there so far above
Your head that when her revelations
Flow, you feel a kind of stabbing in the heart,
A wish to God you’d never heard the part
About the universe and how her declarations
Are her own, and no one else’s, hers and hers
Alone…and of course, there’s room for you. She slurs
Her universal consonants, neuters vowels, and the whole world blurs
Before her very eyes? And in all this, not once has it occurred
To you that what you’ve got here is an abbess in an abyss,
When all you’ve ever wanted is a warm and simple kiss?

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