“Gaea’s Stations”

“Gaea’s Stations”

Gaea’s stations to the stars address her griefs, elations,
Prayers and growth, itself, her moment. She cannot rest;
Veins are clogged, marriage to a host of willing guest’s
Become the crucible to her common sense and revelations
Give her angst amid the luxury of her snows. She must think
But cannot; moves, but pursuit of progeny defies death,
Itself. In time, of course, she’ll find her goals in retrospect
Through cycles, time and space and she’ll drink
Deep the healing waters of reunion with her own, her proper self
Wherever ever lies–with minions, elves,
So many rites and spirals crude and rude, perhaps,
but ever pointing to the skies;
She weeps and rivers flow: the moon, his mystery, his mistress;
the stars, her loyal spies.

2 responses to ““Gaea’s Stations”

  1. the one, ever circling the other, like two combatants… tho’ separated lovers doth apply. xPenx

  2. …We are so close to this great queen
    That thoughts of rivals sometimes seem
    Impossible to imagine while the truth’s revealed
    In certitude that Gaea is but one of billions sealed
    within the pantheon of but one united universe…

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