“Atoms Breathing”

“Atoms Breathing”

Atoms breathing throughout the sky; these winds, my spies.
I am the Azure One turned ruinous green from patrimony’s rust,
The curse of progeny and betrayal of a trust
In endless repetition written in the crystal inks of compromise
And back again to mark the Zugzwang of my prescience
Everywhere condemned to see what is not there.
My blindness, an abyss, the scent of mists
In Chaos, the script of the Sybil as she shakes her fists
And in her ranting shrieks that there
Among countless in children I will find
Impertinence and turbulence, and arrogance as the cradles rise.
I took no heed at first but as not every planet evades my stare,
I may not always strike; I alone am thunder. Comic weights dividing,
Tragedy’s tears will people space while mine are turned to lightning.

6 responses to ““Atoms Breathing”

  1. fantastic imagery and emotion springs to life whilst reading these words …
    and many thanks for your comment, Once, very much appreciated.. xx

  2. “Comic weights dividing”

    Should “Comic” be “Cosmic”—-works either way for me 🙂

  3. Actually, the word I wanted was “comic” because the reference here is to what is or is not ordained by divinity or the gods that places mankind in the position of succeeding when and where it should not have or that of failing when and where the people have accepted the “flaws” built into them by default during the creation exercises of Prometheus, willingly because they are intrinsically noble in choosing to allow a downfall if the gods so deem it necessary and for them there is no doubt but that they were created, are not the Creator, in short they derive their greatness and attitudes toward themselves as a given that hurls them to the stars or plunges them to the deeps and both fuelled by humility. This may well be poorly expressed, but nevertheless, in brief, it expresses themes in Greek heroïc epics and legends

    Uranus should have succeeded in all he did by virtue of both his longevity, his powers, and his marriage to his mother, Gaia, in fact, ultimately, depending upon the myth or legend, his reign ended only after Gaia sought help from Cronos, one of her sons, whom it is said castrated Uranus after which Uranus simply went away leaving both Gaia and Cronos to rule; in turn, the same sort of thing happened to Cronos who married Rhea and reigned with her until both were replaced by Zeus and Hera.

    The events surround both the rise and fall of any of the primordial gods is as the Greeks defined such incidents the essence of both true comedy and true tragedy because the irony and lack of human logic present in any event appears to succeed at the whim of the gods and the Greeks thought this humourous, and the blessed and gifted who are endowed with perfections beyond the ordinary human qualification, their heroïc nature causes them to choose to be noble even where any of their lessers would have opted out and chose the safer path. In this choice lies the secret of human nobility that is not only heroïc, but of palpable benefit to the whole of mankind. Such heroïcs move the human population to a passion and ecstasy that is unmatched by any mental or physical “thrill” or sensation when their story is told or performed within the Greek religious services in honour of Dionysius, what we know to be the Greek tragedies and comedies celebrated every four years, both heroïc in their own particular and peculiar way.

  4. As I said, either works for me but now, Comic works better 🙂

  5. I liked it! I don’t know what zugzwang is though.
    some very nice imagery. and I love the title.

  6. Zugzwang is a word used in chess and other games when a player must move even though it is to his disadvantage to do so simply because it is his turn and he cannot merely pass according to the rules. He must move and when that move may be unfavourable it’s taken as a zugzwang. Many thanks for your comments.

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