Goliath. Behemoth, yet my father’s eyes do not behold me.
Barren straits above the line of all my cisterns’ shores,
Are crystals, porous with litanies of creatures, future seas of worlds not born
Arraigned in prisms’ prisons to attract some feeble ray that only seems
To please the rhythms of the heart but never rule as I am warmed
By something undistilled and unrehearsed from memory; my advice
Is hoary white. Humoured as it is, it will suffice
To welcome both the fool and hardy in the undertow. I perform
What cannot be foresworn by an incident’s huddled worry on shores
Of continents and isthmuses where serried islands are but guests.

I might have ruled the whole but in the toss, the test
Of prophesies and fortunes were never kissed by either die.
I am content, it seems, to be and do no more
Than surfeit in the light of endless sapphires, blood to commerce,
Storehouse of the wealth of eons lost, to rise in glory and then disperse.

5 responses to ““Goliath”

  1. Is this a Pean to a “planet”?

  2. Yes, well, it’s been a long time since I last ran into anyone who even vaguely knows what a pæan is.

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that diphthong; or, is that a ligature… æ

  4. It’s a ligature and yes, a diphthong, at least the way it was used in Latin. I have seen that word spelled both ways in English, with and without the ligature, pean and pæan just like Caesar and Cæsar; I tend toward the second of the two only because I was an English teacher for over forty years.

  5. P.S. I also tend to distrust diphthongs as such; I was unsuccessfully married twice, and so you can just imagine the aversion I have to diphthongs. Whatever happened to just plain old vowels and consonants, pure and simple? I am convinced that if we dropped our diphthongs, there would be a lot less divorce in this world.

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