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“Myths and Logarithms”

What, really, do we know about Pluto?…
“Myths and Logarithms”

Myths and logarithms reign within a dream
And all is measured by simple inference
As with pleasure in a fleeting license
Flows through all such vain imaginings, the seams
And hems of calumnies and innocence of ignorance, meandering liars
Poised to level all past histories to the rank of legends. Jewels, knowledge
That while oblivion is distant to the young, the greater folly
Lies in thinking of it so: no stillborn thing aspires
To rebellion; nothing “lasts” in depths and distances
That are not scarred by creeds that have no meaning
In the lexicon because they harbour just the other side of seeming.
Blasphemies feast on what is always well beyond the unforeseen,
The Sadratu’l-Muntahá that marks the boundaries
between what is and what while here can never be.