“Surprise Her, Then”

“Surprise Her, Then”

Surprise her, then, and leave the rest
To guess what took so long; he waited patiently,
She preferred a mirror; he, a glass of sanctity.
Eternity? He had no time. Her guess
Was lost on both of them; they never cared
To tip the waiter and neither bore the blame
For tastelessness in choosing tables, lame
Excuses mumbled that the appetite just wasn’t there,
And, after all, the glory of a pearl is its frugality
Amongst the gems with nothing wounded on the sharp communal knife.
These holy breads come whole, unsliced,
A lethal wafer, lightly tasted with a toast to purest blasphemy
And one more for the road. Infinities in anonymity are served in double slices
As an altar’s daily sacrifice, eternal virtues
stripped of immortality reduced to vices.

5 responses to ““Surprise Her, Then”

  1. O.K., ya gotta help me with this one…

    As always, even if I don’t “get” one of your poems, they always Get me 🙂

    The banquet of life…?

    Eating bitter “fruit”…??

    The sophistry of “elegant” living…???

  2. just as Alexander says, I enjoy your words, your prose, but sometimes I flounder as to the exact meaning… I see a couple together but a million miles apart in their view of the World… each face turned away… xPenx

  3. Alexander and Penpusher: I happen to be in Florida at the moment; I’ll be getting home on Saturday. In short, I appreciate both of your comments but haven’t had the time to reply properly. I will shortly, after I get back on Saturday, but for the moment, I just thought to acknowledge that I received your comments and appreciated both of them.

  4. Pen: Your basic sense of what this poem expresses is right on. Lovers be damned! Even between lovers there is a barrier over which neither passes which is both natural and utterly impossible to bear unless both God first and everyone and everything other than God in its proper sphere of being and action. Since none of us is God, attractions between each of us is always suspect to some extent; without these trials, how would true lovers appreciate the depths of devotion in each other. Mere mutual physical instincts may please but cannot sustain past a measured degree of time; what is not subject to change or polution, dilution and even disintigration is the natural attractive force of spirit between two souls just as it is with God, Himself.

  5. P.S. Alexander: Of course, it’s possible to say that I do not really “get” life even though in fact, I am alive. Even though I am speechless as the news these days and cannot truly comprehend the magnitude of world chaos, still it does occur to me that in fact I am not a hermit and I do live in this world with approximately 7.000,000,000 souls and all have been created in the same way I was; I mourn for the innocent and regret every last drop of pain that is now visited on the overwhelming majority of humanity notwithstanding that it is obvious that the world rejects its raison d’étre.

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