“Where the Sun Has Risen”

“Where the Sun Has Risen”

Where the sun has risen marks the edge
Of all that’s been but, offering no offense
To what is evident in the primal disk, an evidence
Of what has been and not what is, a hedge
Against rebellion in the ranks; a wedge
Deliberate, a proof, divine, that in the imminence
Of being and in having been, an eminence,
Is occluded like the stars at noon, replacing every absolute with the pledge
Of probabilities within a sacred zone of time. Masked against the periphery,
The matter, more the consequence of having largely come
From nothing and ascended to even less, dissent expressed in helplessness
Addresses issues of existence as if they were a wilderness
Of weeds for the sake of worlds below and well beyond all mystery
Of galaxies, a Lilliputian sovereignty beyond the banality of the sun.

9 responses to ““Where the Sun Has Risen”

  1. You took me on a Magical Mystery Tour 🙂

  2. The more I read your own posts and those of your friends, the more it is obvious to me that you have achieved a fruitful and commendable interaction. I have begun to read some of the materials of the friends who pop up on your site and it becomes clear to me that these are positive souls who are truly interested in what joys there can be in writing; even as a pastime or hobby, there is certainly no harm in this and I enjoy your efforts to confirm and affirm what and whom they are. As a catalyst for writing and positively so, you are an obvious blessing.

  3. Dear Soul,

    It’s all a “cover”–albeit an honest cover–indirect Teaching–promotion through relationships for my upcoming book, Notes from An Alien, which is in the National’s Review process now, which should tell you that, even though my book was written to appeal to “non-religious” folk, I hope it can lead them to a reappraisal of religion and, possibly, even to His Cause…

  4. Alexander: Alláh-u-Abhá!
    Re: “The Cover,” it came to me yesterday after having written at length about something of the “conversation” sparked by your last posts, that while what I had to say was relevant, still, at the same time, possibly writing so much was in fact intrusive, especially without having read at least something of the various friends who communicate with you through your site. I then began to read something of the blogs of these same friends, and while reading, it occurred to me that my feelings of caution were correct insofar as the majority of what I read was sincere, well-meaning, positive, and, at the same time, simply put. These are, as I mentioned to you, obviously good souls who are attempting to enjoy the act of writing; none of them are applying for degrees or hugely formal accolades, all of them seem hopeful to enjoy writing and possibly publishing and should be encouraged to do so. The truth of the matter is that while I, too, enjoy writing my sonnets, in actual point of fact, what I do publically, whether it is on WordPress or Stumbleupon could be called a “cover” for precisely the same reasons as you mentioned in your last comment. Over the five or six years I have maintained my site on Stumbleupon, I have received encouraging comments from many passersby, and even direct questions concerning the Faith from time to time, and this has always been an added bonus to the maintaining of my writing. The range and scope of what I produced at my site on Stumbleupon came as great a surprise to me as it has to anyone who has followed that site; now, on WordPress, I can see much of the same potential. I have been blessed and fortunate in this. Every nineteen days, the sonnet posted has honoured whatever Feast Day happened to come up and over the years, at the very least I have maintained good relationships with the few stumblers with whom there is anything near regularity in exchanging messages in the “Inbox.”

    In effect, so long as our society insists on sliding down the slippery slopes of whatever it deems to be important, it is at times the best we can do to merely “labour serenely” and more or less represent the best interests of the Cause of God in as positive a manner as possible. In short, my remarks still stand and I can assure you that my prayers are with you and what you are doing. The discovery of the joy of writing every day was actually a bonus to what it was I began to do once I discovered Stumblupon; what the effects of writing are, however, I suppose remains to be seen. I sense a certain respect both for my work as well as for the Cause of God in what few messages are sent to me in the “Inbox” and in fact, every day I pray for the “people of the sites” in hopes that something of the wonder of being a Bahá’í, something of the magnitude of wisdoms available to anyone who might happen to take the time to read the Writings, in short, something of more lasting worth than mere admiration for my sonnets is in any way effective whether or not I ever receive any direct confirmation of the potency of anything I have written. I did the same thing when I was teaching and it is true that for forty-two years, every class I ever taught was introduced to the Greatest Name at least once and on many occasions many times over so that even if I did not use my classes to directly teach the Faith, indirectly, on the day I retired, I knew in my heart that every one of my classes for all those years had at least heard that Most Precious Name.

    I will continue to pray for you and your efforts and for anyone who has anything to do with you. It is an odd fact of life for any Bahá’í that while he may almost always be alone in any group, he is never really lonely, or if lonely, especially on the more cloudy days in life, at the very least, it is never a terminal sensation; the clouds are meaningless in consideration of the sun that is always shining. There are times, however, when it seems that sunshine is much too rare for comfort.

    I have been exceedingly ill lately and so I have not taken the proper time to read your work, or at least as much time as I might wish to. I can tell you, however, that I will, and, aside from this, my prayers of course are for the success of your projects whether on your site or the upcoming novel’s release.

  5. Saying a prayer for your health………………………………….

    Thank you much for saying you’ve prayed for me and for reminding me to pray for all these folks I’m making friends with on my blog 🙂

    Did you see my post that featured the comment you made on Where Writers Get Their Ideas??

  6. Yes, I did read that post. I was referring to that post in my last message. It was what prompted my last message to you. I felt honoured by what you posted. Again, it was what prompted my further reading of portions of the blogs of others who respond to your site and since you did post what you did, I felt that another longer message [the one in fact that I wrote but did not send] might appear to be “too much” or overkill, especially considering the general feelings I gleaned from reading the posted interactions of the others. In short, even though I might have enjoyed sending more in direct interaction with what you had posted, still, again, I felt that it would be intrusive and possibly a bit much to take for those who happen to follow your site. After all, I taught English literature and composition for forty-two years; why wouldn’t I have a bundle to say on the subject of what prompts writers to write? The purpose, however, of your site and respect for the general tone of exchanges between you and those that follow your site must be respected and especially when it came to me that you no doubt do exactly what I have and still do when it comes to indirect Teaching, it seemed to me more appropriate to support your site rather than to bombard it with thousands of words from me, no matter how relevant those words might be. It is what it is and what it is you do on your site is to me an especial thing to be admired and supported. Personally, I doubt I need much encouragement to write or even to publish, insofar as I write every day, on the one hand, and, on the other, I have already concluded an entire career and have no illusions as yet another one at this point as a writer. This isn’t to say, however, that those who frequent your site don’t need encouragement and support. I think they do, and again, I admire those efforts notwithstanding “the cover” and what being a “cover” implies.

  7. Please, comment whenever you’re moved to and with whatever length you deem necessary 🙂

  8. Yes, well, I intend to; I will, however, take greater care in proof reading before hitting the “Send” button. In part my troubles with my eyes has affected my writing of anything. I will have surgery on the “bad” eye in March, as I found out this last week. I will never be able to truly see clearly out of that eye, but doctor told me that he feels surgery to replace the lens would improve whatever discerning is possible for it. As it is, as of two weeks ago, it has worsened to the point that I can see nothing with it but light and very little in the way of shapes and it has affected me in the sense of making mistakes and misjudging anything that requires distance. Even at a store, I now have to hold both hands out to receive change because if I don’t do that, whatever change is given ends up on the floor.

  9. I can empathize…

    I’ve had double-vision since I was a youngster…

    Lately, working 12 to 14 hours a day on the Internet makes my relaxing into a book reading much less than satisfactory 😦

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