Roses for longevity, yes! tokens of a former reign
And deep within their sacrifice reds and florist’s greens,
Are fragrances of time and place from passing scenes
Of nuance, puddles deposited from accidents and incidental rains,
And that was yesterday; tomorrow, a torrent drowning visions—
Foundlings of future stories—deliverance in blessings saved
For half a century and more, prescient tokens, brave,
Benign and lacking only guile to cut the ribbons
Of what’s left of reticence. There are dangers in the cellophane.
Please! If this then that; if inertia, stimulation
Then, of course, the sum and price of abnegation;
What the Greeks call horses, the Trojans, lethal gains.
Intentions swept aside, abandoned, rapture’s secrecy
Is hidden virtue confused with common sense and mediocrity.

5 responses to ““Roses”

  1. Sometimes you’re as hard to fathom as Emily Dickinson…

  2. Emily Dickinson (1830–86). Complete Poems. 1924.

    Part One: Life


    OUR share of night to bear,
    Our share of morning,
    Our blank in bliss to fill,
    Our blank in scorning.

    Here a star, and there a star, 5
    Some lose their way.
    Here a mist, and there a mist,

  3. *Love* it !!

    In my copy of her poems, the years and total poems are:

    1858 – 51
    1859 – 93
    1860 – 63
    1861 – 85
    1862 – 366
    1863 – 140
    1864 – 172
    1865 – 84

    I’ve always found the peak in her output being near the Declaration of Baha’u’llah a curious coincidence. Also, the poems in ’62 & ’63 have more spiritual power, to me….

  4. Together with the whole thing that appears to be building throughout this particular subject material, many of your viewpoints tend to be fairly refreshing. Having said that, I appologize, but I do not give credence to your entire theory, all be it exhilarating none the less. It looks to me that your comments are generally not entirely justified and in simple fact you are yourself not even entirely confident of the assertion. In any case I did appreciate examining it.

    • I just now read your comment because it apparently was put into the “spam” box for whatever the reasons. Pardon the delay.

      Your comments were to me “fairly refreshing” insofar as you afforded some time to write your reactions to whatever I have written and in the process confirm both the best and the worst of me. No one on this earth can presume an absolute corner on the truth which accounts for your impression that I, myself, am “not entirely confident of the assertion” of whatever it is I have said. It is true, then, that I have been able to express myself without the indictment of total arrogance. As a single soul within this life, I have no need of correction save from the Creation, itself; as but one of approximately 7,000,000,000 souls living with me on this planet, of course, it would follow that while the truth is one, singular, and absolute beyond anyone’s apprehension of it, each of us will see the same truth from an entirely different angle. Unity of purpose throughout all of humanity remains a crucial requisite if we are not to destroy one another or worse, ignore our fellows from simple lack of interest. I sense in you a seeker of truth. Perhaps, it is true that you sense the same in me. What is important, then, for me, is not so much that one of us may be wrong but rather that one of us may be right insofar as if we come to that understanding, it is certain that sooner or later, by virtue of the quality of both our souls, if there are differences, even errors in conceptions, they will, ultimately, in time disappear. Your message affords the beauty of unity and oneness between us and no higher bond is possible for any souls while living in this world. I am the better for having heard from you. Many thanks for caring enough to write.

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