“To Peer Through Glass Bottoms”

“To Peer Through Glass Bottoms”

To peer through glass bottoms, back through doors
Toward me; outward from the ceiling, the interior;
Inward from the surface of the exterior
Of all I see; I wish to breathe. No satisfaction’s scored
On golf cards if the man has never wished to play;
No records made of voyages through veins
And arteries, or through the musings of the sane
And common mind, but oh, what he may
Decide to say if only he were not among
The living. Shining there with nothing, on
High above, and riding in the jet stream, strong
In atmospheres with atoms so far flung
That scream for the lack of crowding—here or there,
A view without a window—a step to where there are no stairs.



4 responses to ““To Peer Through Glass Bottoms”

  1. To me, the “key” to this exquisite piece is:

    “…but oh, what he may
    Decide to say if only he were not among
    The living.”

  2. Yes, it is; that theme shows up a lot in what I say and write. At times it has occurred to me that the most difficult thing on earth [or, at least my earth] is interacting with souls who have no idea why they are alive. They are “the living” it seems, because they walk around and talke, eat, sleep, get married, teach, write, whatever they do, but insofar as they appear to be doing all this because they have nothing better to do rather than on purpose and the purpose for which they were created, most of what I see is much ado about nothing because as I may have mentioned before, a virtue decays and becomes a vice if it is cut of from its source. How does one deal with this? Apprently, it takes any entire lifetime to figure that out; life becomes somewhat tedious at times because of it. The Prophets, Themselves have stated clearly that they only express Themselves to the extent that the world can bare and understand what They say; I believe anyone who leans toward true purposes in life is presented with the same problem when interacting with people who seem to feel that their purpose in life is to live in this world as if were meant to live here forever, a thought has always appeared ridiculous to me since of course we all end up in a box and are buried sooner or later, so what’s all this noise about living here?

    I could go on, but I have no wish to dump pages and pages of what I think on these things unless you truly were asking for more than a mere cursory quicky of an answer that could not possibly express a useful or productive answer, words for the sake of words.

  3. Appreciate all you said 🙂

    This part: “a virtue decays and becomes a vice if it is cut of from its source. “, is echoed in the poem Forbear that I sent in my previous comment…

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