“The People Say They Want a Change”

“The People Say They Want a Change”

The people say they want a change; clubs
Are ripe for shifting gears and crowning kings
From diamonds or from hearts and while the telephones ring,
The bids are readied, cards are in; spades have flubbed,
There’s no one in the mood to compromise;
The deck is shuffled once again for luck,
Brand-new tires on the same old truck.
Promissory notes are dealt; the bids just rise, and rise,
And rise again. But, what’s this? Speculation’s brought
To automated stops on all the outbound tracks,
And while the freight departs, the passengers arrive. Dealers smack
Their lips, and rub their palms, and bids are caught
Between the speeches and cries at last of “No trump!”
Seconds later, Boardwalk yields to railroads, and everyone jumps.

6 responses to ““The People Say They Want a Change”

  1. I greatly admire your writing.

    I’ve put a couple links to your work in tweets and on Facebook.

    Is there any other way I can help spread the word about you??

    • What a kind and generous message. I have enjoyed writing sonnets as a kind of break in the day when I was working. Now that I have retired, I have more time and continue to enjoy expressing whatever comes to mind, after all these years. I suspect I will be writing sonnets the rest of my life. So far as what you might do further than what you mentioned, the only thing that comes to mind is the hope that you might remember me in your prayers. I write because I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed in all these years in my work, in having somehow been honoured by Bahá’u’lláh to be allowed to find Him and to become part of His Cause. Again, your message brought a smile to my heart. Please know that you will be remembered in my prayers insofar as the bearers of the Name of God in these days are few as the world’s population has doubled and possibly tripled in my time making each Bahá’í a very precious soul indeed.

  2. Well…

    I didn’t know you’re a Baha’i 🙂

    I guess my profile let you know I’m also a Believer…

    I will keep reading you and will pray for you and your writing.

    My current WIP is waiting on word from the U.S. National Review Board 🙂

  3. More than many thanks, my friend. I first noticed your site on Stumbleupon and oddly enough, I stumbled upon your site here on WordPress. I have begun to read more of your work and from what I have read so far, am more than interested in your thoughts on “words” vs. “deeds”; I have no doubt at all in my heart that the writing of words as they uplift others, as they are of any benefit to others, as they are the “work” of poets and writers, no less than the production of art by artists of any media, is as potent as the more pedestrian connotations of the word “deeds.” When it comes to artists and artisans, work is, as you know, elevated to the rank of worship, or should be. Frankly, from where I sit, there is no difference between writing a poem and offering a prayer, given the motive of writing the poem in the first place. Your words are more than encouraging and again, having received your message was an uplifting moment for sure!

  4. Well…

    Stumbled upon me, eh? 🙂

    If you’ve the time, I offer a free pre-publication copy of my WIP (the one I’m waiting for word on from the Review Board) on my site: http://notesfromanalien.yolasite.com/

    I won’t be publishing till May and any comments you might feel like offering would be treasured………

  5. I look forward to reading more, much more of your work, and once again, a “thank” for your kindness in sending me the link. Truly, communicating with you has brought a smile to my soul. John

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