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“I Cannot Tell You Otherwise”

“I Cannot Tell You Otherwise”

I cannot tell you otherwise but what I know:
There is no love, no lasting show beyond the tickle
Of the feet, the off-hand movement toward the fickle
Minute hand, the whisper of an aurora borealis in a fortnight’s cosmic show.
What subtleties in remission can there be with suns that fall
And rise so rapidly that days and weeks no longer flee
The reaches of the dawn and dusk provides what cannot fatten or appease
Intrinsic instinct as terrors in the mortal coil  that shriek beyond the call
Of physical awe and endurance?  Their rising and their falling
Force a torpor, a revulsion, an inertia born of galling
Impediments, the weights, the incremental ravages of stalling
Season, steeped in both with fecund light and deadly calling.
Rigid yet, pernicious, yes, as hungers carved in something even stones
Cannot recall: a stroke of fate, a rolling of the dice, another casting of the bones.